The 3 Goals You Need For Any Video Marketing Campaign

The script is the backbone of every video marketing project, so it’s vital that you’re clear on the goals of your video marketing campaign from the very start.

It’s important not to try to cram too many messages into one video. Ideally, you want each video to have one overarching key message that you want your audience to remember, with maybe a couple of additional pieces of information that support the main message. If you try and squeeze too much information into your video, you may end up with a bloated film that doesn’t give you the results you want.

The goals for your video marketing campaign could be anything from increasing brand recognition, simplifying a process or encouraging people to buy. Whatever it is, there’s a good chance that it fits into one of these three categories:

Teach Your Audience

If the aim for your video marketing is to train your audience, that can take many forms.

It could be as straightforward as a step-by-step instructional guide for a product or service you provide. Something like an unboxing video is a good example, if you sell physical products. Alternatively, a walkthrough of an app, piece of software or web portal works brilliantly for digital products. We did a few of these for a client in the education sector, and it definitely helped educate their new clients with how their membership site worked.

For an internal audience, you may want to train your team on a new process or refresh their knowledge of an existing process. A health and safety video is a classic example of this. We’ve done several health and safety videos over the years for internal and external audiences. There isn’t a better way to communicate lifesaving information than through video.–

Inspire Your Audience

Persuade your audience into taking action and doing something that they probably hadn’t intended on doing until they watched your video!

This could be making a purchase, upgrading from an existing service, moving away from a different supplier or picking up the phone to inquire about a product. Inspirational videos are essential for charities too, whether it’s motivating people to give up their time for an event or to inspire them to support the charity through donations, don’t be afraid to use emotion as much as you can to communicate your message.

When you motivate your audience in a video, you want them to make a change to their current behaviour in some way.

Inform Your Audience

Arguably, every good piece of video marketing informs the audience. Whatever the aim of your video, you want the audience to be educated and go away from it with some new information, otherwise what’s the point?

However, to inform an audience can be a goal in itself for your video marketing.

Perhaps you’re producing a video to welcome new employees to the business and you want to provide them with some context and backstory to the organisation. We’ve done this before for one of our law firm clients and it was a massive time saver, as it freed up the CEOs time and they no longer needed to be present at every employee induction.

You may feel your video needs a combination of the above to work and that’s fine. Just remember – everything that makes up your video – the script, filming, editing, graphics, even the length – should all be aligned with achieving the same goal.

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