How To Build Relationships With Video

The business world is now completely reliant on the internet and social media. Where more traditional business networking, sales and marketing would happen in the real world, their digital equivalents of LinkedIn, Google Ads, Mailchimp are where it’s at. At times, this can make building relationships with customers and employees seem like a nearly insurmountable challenge for companies. Especially those who existed way back in the days before dial up internet! But in reality, video production for business can make it easier than ever before to build these vital relationships, both online and offline. Here’s how.

Build Connections With Employees

Internal video communication is rapidly becoming one of the more popular methods of corporate messaging. Large businesses as well as small-and-medium enterprises can use corporate video as a way to communicate policies, goals and other messages to their employees in an engaging and entertaining way. This can help staff feel more included in what goes on in the company, becoming better informed and strengthening their loyalty.

Many of our clients have commissioned short, informative video series that are then shared on their companies intranet. Low cost, easy to implement and much more engaging than a conference call or email!

Build Connections With Customers

Your pre-existing customers are one of your most important target groups, and it is important that you continue to make them feel valued after they have made an initial purchase. After all, customers who feel appreciated are more likely to make repeat purchases and provide positive word-of-mouth for your brand. Our Nottingham video production team has found that video tutorials and similar productions can go a long way in creating meaningful relationships with customers.

Build Connections With Leads

Of course, video production for business frequently focuses on building relationships with leads in the effort to generate new sales. And video can have a profound impact on turning those leads into actual results! When you use video in your email lists and other marketing efforts, it can help humanize your brand, making your company more relatable to those you are trying to sell to. A video can help you stand out from other marketing messages and allow your business to flourish.

Effective video production for business will help you develop strong relationships with employees, customers and leads. As you continue to foster these connections through video and other efforts, your business will thrive and achieve even greater results. Give us a call to see what we can do for you!

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