Event Video Marketing | Our Top 5 Tips

We’ve been having some interesting conversations recently with some of our events management clients about how to effectively use video production at their events. Some people assume all you can to do is point a camera at who’s talking and edit in the PowerPoint slides after. Trust us, there are many more options than that! Here’s a few ideas that have popped up for us recently and some reasons why using video on your event can benefit you and your business.

Attendees can get involved in producing their own promotional videos

We’ve had some great experiences on team building events with groups getting involved with our professional camera crew and creating their own commercials and mini-films! Just like the TV Commercial task in The Apprentice, getting delegates involved in the creative process by actually directing, producing and editing film during an event can be very rewarding. It’s a very effective team building exercise and can lead to some very memorable performances! Plus everyone enjoys using a clapperboard!

Generate more revenue from your event through video on demand (VOD) sales

If you’re an in-demand public speaker, talented singer or gifted performance group it pays to monetise your event through sales of VOD or even DVD’s. Produced professionally, DVDs will have full colour sleeve and disc print plus custom-built menus and can be either sold online or at future events. Although free videos on the web may get more views, selling your work to those who are interested in it not only brings in the pennies but leaves fans with tangible reminders of your work and gets them interested in the next event.

“I’m sorry I couldn’t make it tonight…”

A popular phrase echoed around many awards ceremonies, this is also true for most events, either you can’t cram everybody into the same room at once or distance and time make attendance infeasible, some people are bound to miss out. But get your event streamed live online and you open your audience to the entire world! Or at least those that you want to see it!

Now let’s take a look at some of your best bits…

Most events are the only time where attendees meet face to face with those colleagues they don’t get to see any other time of the year, and it can sometime be over very quickly. Faces are matched to email addresses and people bond over the aroma of coffee and cheesy nibbles. But get a camera crew to capture the event from the second the chairs gets set up to the moment the door closes to create a vibrant video production packed with smiling faces.

You can also get an on site edit of the event produced there and then, allowing your delegates to be treated to an edited highlights package of the event before they pack up and head home.

Social Media ‘Likes’ help promote future events

Spread the word on your events through smart use of social media video. Share videos of your event on Facebook or Twitter and let the Likes and Retweets drive people to you and get them excited about your next event. Use it before the event too with a few teaser videos to get people geared up and don’t forget to use hashtags during the event to encourage tweets!

So, whether it’s a team building event, corporate conference, concert, motivational talk or dance exhibition, there’s always room for effective video production when it comes to events.

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