The 3 Key Stages of Corporate Video Editing

Once the work of scripting and filming has been completed, corporate video editing is what makes your entire project come together. This is the crucial final stage of a successful video project. After all, while good editing goes completely unnoticed, bad editing can completely ruin your video’s storytelling.

As such, we employ only the best editing techniques to ensure that your final product matches the quality of the work that was done by our team during pre-production and filming. Our lead video editor is the only editor in the East Midlands certified on Hollywood’s leading editing platform, so we take editing seriously!

Here’s what we do when it comes time to edit your footage.

1. Create a Rough Edit

Our Nottingham video production team starts by creating a rough edit of your video project. All the footage that was collected on the filming day is loaded into the editing suite, after which the film undergoes several stages of refinement. Botched takes and other content that doesn’t match our desired quality is cut first, then the other clips are trimmed and refined to better tell your brand story.

Quite often, the provided footage may be as much as five times longer than what is needed for the final video — especially when your video is based on several interviews. Our corporate video editing team trims down the clips until the content is in line with the script and reflects the best video that was obtained on the filming day. The more work that was done on the script during pre-production, the easier this process is.

Footage is also edited in a manner that makes your video more entertaining and visually appealing (such as inserting b-roll during an interview clip). Most importantly, the editor ensures that the video is easy for your audience to understand while effectively delivering your call to action.

2. Refine the Edit With Colour and Sound

Once the filmed content has been edited to reflect the project’s desired message, style and pacing, it is time for additional refinements to be made to the video. During this stage of corporate video editing, the editor applies colour correction to ensure that all shots appear consistent and that there aren’t any issues with lighting.

Sound is also mixed at this stage to ensure that audio sounds perfect and is at a consistent level throughout the video. Music and other sound effects are generally added during this stage as well to help with the overall pace and style of the film.

These two refinements may seem simple, but they require significant expertise to get exactly right. These edits go a long way in giving your video a professional appearance.

3. Embellish the Edit With Graphics and Animation

The final stage of the editing process is to enhance the film with additional graphics or animations. Even simple videos can be improved by techniques such as logo animation, on-screen text, name straps and other subtle graphic flourishes that make your video look even more professional.

You needn’t worry about graphics and animation distracting from your video’s messaging, either. Our corporate video editing team can implement graphics in a way that matches the style of your film so they increase the production value without becoming too distracting. These graphics and animations can be especially beneficial for video marketing projects, as the simple addition of a company logo can result in dramatically improved brand recognition for your project.


We always wait to show our clients the polished edit of their video rather than an unfinished cut. After all, a rough edit hardly provides a clear understanding of the progress that is being made, nor does it generally reflect what the final product will look like.

A polished edit helps you see that we know what we’re doing, and it is very rare that more than one set of changes are needed after the editing of your corporate video has been completed. If you feel that additional edits are necessary, we are more than happy to turn in the additional work to ensure that you get the best possible end result.

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