production management

With a dedicated video producer assigned to each project, production management of your video production will be flawless.

Pre-production is the most important stage in any video production! A key to this is effective production management! It’s where all the research, planning and scheduling comes together to ensure an efficient, effective and on budget production.

To start with, our team will meet with you to discuss your project in detail. We’ll talk about your objectives, key messages, audience, call to action, deadlines and more. You might not have all the answers to this at this stage, but don’t worry! We’ve been making award-winning videos since 2009 so our production management team will be sure to share our ideas and best approaches with you to keep things efficient, creative and on budget.

Having established the approach for your video project, we’ll develop the visual and creative concept. We’ll take into account anything you like (or don’t like!) and develop the look and feel of your video production around this.

If your video production requires a voiceover artist, actors or presenters, we’ll deal with that too! We’ve worked with professional acting talent all over the world on projects as diverse as hard-hitting dramas to internal communication videos, so we’ll be sure to find the best talent for the job!

The script is the backbone of every film. Whether it’s a verbatim narrative for a voiceover artist or series of questions and key points to be elaborated on in an interview, every video needs a script! We will carry out extensive research and build scripts from scratch, or work on editing script content you provide to us!

The final stage of production management is organising the shoot. We’ll deal with schedules, accommodation, catering and more importantly risk assessments and method statements. We’ve shot corporate videos on railway tracks, sewage works and African safari parks so you can rest assured that health and safety is our top priority!


Generating unique and creative ideas that best fit your messaging, audience and budget

Script Writing

Putting pen to paper for everything from hard-hitting dramas to internal corporate communications


Be it actors, voiceover or presenters, we’ll search out the best talent from across the globe for you

Organising Shoots

We’ll sort out schedules, accommodation, transport and all HSE requirements before the cameras roll

What's covered in production management?

  • Creative concept development
  • In-depth meetings
  • Research
  • Script editing
  • Script writing
  • Arranging filming days
  • Producing schedules
  • Writing call sheets
  • Risk assessments
  • Method statements
  • Sourcing locations
  • Location recess
  • Casting talent
  • Negotiating fees

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why choose boxset media?

Based in the heart of the East Midlands, Boxset Media have produced corporate videos for organisations across the globe. Our cameras have traveled everywhere including London, Nottingham, Leicester, Edinburgh, Birmingham and even Barbados and Jamaica!

It really doesn’t matter what your budget is or where in the world you’re based, we can effectively manage and run your video production project. Our production management team have years of professional production experience across all sectors and will ensure your video production sends the message to your audience.

If you want to find out more about what corporate video can do for you, get in touch today and we can have a chat!