How to Build Confidence on Camera

Being on camera is intimidating for a lot of people. In fact, even the most experienced presenters and actors still get nervous before the cameras start to roll!

But with greater video exposure through live streams, social media videos and even webinars, more and more professional business people are discovering the benefits of getting in front of the camera to promote their business and build their profile.

So how do you build up the confidence to look and sound great on camera?

Put simply, a video is much more engaging when there’s a face on it! Faces capture our attention and build trust. That’s why presenting a video blog, being interviewed for a video case study or posting a social media update selfie video is going to bring you a whole ton of engagement that you couldn’t get any other way!

So here are a few tips to help you overcome camera shyness, boost your confidence in front of the lens and prepare for your next video project.


Be prepared

Before you sit down in front of the camera, make sure you’re 100% clear and prepared for what you’re there to talk about. This will massively help you build confidence on camera.

Talk to the production crew in advance and make sure you’re clear on what the interview is about and think carefully about the messages you want to get across. Try not to cram too many ideas in your head,

Spend good time on this in advance, but don’t overdo it. Do not go into an interview with endless notes or rehearse your responses. Interviews are supposed to be spontaneous and naturalistic. The camera crew will want you to be relaxed and talk conversationally, and how many conversations do you have with a notepad by your side or a rehearsed answer in your head?

Understand who the audience is and tailor your message accordingly. Make sure you have an understanding of the angle or agenda of the video as well. For example, if you’re there to discuss a particular work project or a specific event, make sure to mention it!

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Be comfortable

Interviews can be anything from 5 minutes to an hour, so being comfortable is essential to build confidence on camera!

Don’t forget to dress appropriately for the occasion. Should you be smart or casual? Formal or relaxed? Check if footwear is important too, as you might be able to get away with comfy trainers (or even slippers!) rather than tight dress shoes or high heels!

Avoid fine patterns and huge logos, and avoid anything green if filming is happening in front of a green screen! Choose complimentary tones and bring a few options if you’re unsure. Avoid clunky jewellery that can clang around and make noise too.

In order to record sound, you might have to clip on a microphone pack. Usually, this can be attached to a waistband or tucked away in a pocket on the inside. But if you’re wearing a dress, that can make it difficult to attach the mic pack, so you may have to take yourself to a private area to attach it to your underclothes so be prepared if that’s the case!

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Be fearless and calm

If it’s your first time in front of a camera, you might feel a bit nervous. And that’s perfectly normal.

Take some time before your interview to relax, whether it’s breathing exercises, listening to music or giving yourself a pep talk in the bathroom, do what you need to do so you go into the interview believing in yourself and being full of confidence!

Take a good deep breath before you speak too. Make sure your breathing is steady and try not to speak too fast so you have time to think about what you’re saying. Make sure you give the interviewer time to finish their question before answering too.

Don’t forget to use hand gestures as well if that’s something you’d normally do. Sometimes interviewees feel like they have to keep their hands pinned to their sides or have to stay rigid in the seat. But while you will want to stay fairly still and not make any sudden movements, if you typically gesture when talking or presenting, make sure you do it here. Not only do hand gestures make what you say appear more compelling, but they can also often help emphasize certain parts of your speech giving your delivery more power and energy.

But above all, smile and enjoy yourself!

Do you have any tips you’d like to share on how to build confidence on camera? Do you enjoy being on camera? Get in touch! Find us on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter and let us know your thoughts!

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