What Happens on a Corporate Video Filming Day?

While on occasion our corporate videos may use stock footage, archive clips and others may even be entirely animated, the vast majority of our projects require us to get the camera, lighting and sound kit out for a few days of filming. And that’s probably what you want — a unique, high-quality video production that helps tell the story of your brand while delivering a call to action that inspires your target audience to action.

So what happens when it’s time to film? After all, as you no doubt learned during the video pre-production process (read more on that in our blog here), there’s a lot more to creating a successful video project than simply pulling out a camera and pushing the record button. There are several factors that play an important role in ensuring that filming goes well. Here’s what helps us make a typical corporate video filming day a success.

Get The Best Crew Together

Our professional production team ensure that everyone works effectively so that your video looks and sounds great, and the results speak for themselves. We have an award-winning in-house team that has produced fantastic work over the years, but we also bring in others when your video project requires it. Whether that’s gaffers (lighting folk), sound operators (for complex projects and dramas) or colourists (that bring colour into the final stage of post production). After all, while most corporate video projects only require a small crew, other projects may be more intensive and require a larger production team.

Regardless of whether your corporate video filming requires specialist location sound recordists, multiple camera operators or even helicopter filming, we have a long list of contacts throughout the UK so we can make your video project work. No matter where your video needs to be filmed or what special needs it may have, we always get the best crew together so your corporate video will turn out perfectly.

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Use the Best and Most Relevant Kit

Our team has been filming award winning corporate video for over 10 years, and during that time we’ve used a wide range of film equipment— from standard definition tape based cameras over a a decade ago to 4K Raw and 360 degree cameras. To meet today’s needs, we use the latest in high-quality camera equipment so your video project will look its best, no matter how you plan on distributing it. But our tools go beyond cameras. Here’s a few things in our camera kit you may not expect:

  • Fully functioning autocue system
  • 360 degree camera
  • 50 kg of sandbags
  • 7 colours of gaffers tape

This and lots of other equipment – over 150 individual items of filming equipment to be precise – allow us to capture the highest-quality audio and video possible.

Of course, not every project will require the use of all this technology. While some corporate video filming projects may require all the equipment we have, others may require nothing more than a camera and a boom mic. Ultimately, we only use the tools that are relevant to your project so you get the best film for the best price.

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Work Efficiently, Creatively, and Safely

Our Nottingham video production team is used to working with tight schedules (and short lunch breaks!) to make sure we hit every deadline. But we don’t just try to get the job done as quickly as possible. We always come away with creative, high-quality footage, and our efficient filming process leaves us with more footage than we need for your final video, which helps make post-production easy.

Our intensive pre-production planning helps us know exactly what we need to do on your corporate video filming day so we get exactly what you need. The detailed brief and script give us the precise details of your project, which we follow to ensure the best results. We also work safely, using protective gear when necessary (we’ve worked in sewage treatment works and on the railways so we have plenty of PPE!), and we’re fully insured so you can have peace of mind during the filming process.

As you can see, there’s quite a bit of work and expertise that goes into a successful day of corporate video filming. By using the best crew and equipment for your project and working efficiently, creatively and safely, your video marketing project can turn out exactly how you want.

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Discover the videos you need to build your brand effectively and easily in my easy-to-follow guide!

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