What Are Motion Graphics?

I don’t like using jargon when discussing projects with clients. That’s why I’ve put together a whole glossary of video marketing terminology to help anyone who does get confused! But sometimes there isn’t a better phrase to describe something than the technical one! So, to answer a question a few clients have asked recently, what are Motion Graphics?

Motion Graphics is best described as the animated equivalent of graphic design, adding stylish visual embellishments to footage.

This shouldn’t be confused with Visual Effects or Animation. Visual Effects combines existing footage with computer-generated imagery to achieve a sense of realism. Animation, on the other hand, tends to involve more complex scenes and characters,

Motion Graphics add a considerable amount of production value to any corporate video production. They can also help communicate your message more effectively. Stylish infographics, on-brand overlays, and dynamic on-screen text are all exciting embellishments that can add worth to any film. 

There are several types of motion graphics that can increase the production value of your videos. Let’s take a look at a few popular ones.

Kinetic Typography

Kinetic typography (also known as motion typography) is a technique where text is animated in a dynamic, fast-paced way to grab viewers’ attention and entertain them.

It can be effective across a broad range of video projects, such as explainer videos, event videos and promotional videos, so its application is very diverse and creative.

Using a kinetic typography approach allows for more experimentation and fun than straightforward animated text, which would animate in subtle ways.

Kinetic typography is brilliant for adding energy to a video. It creates a powerful rhythm to the visuals uniquely and stylishly. Combine this with a strong brand style, like we did for Century 21 (see below), and you’ve got an engaging and emotive video


An infographic is a visual representation of data through motion graphics, iconography and text. It can be a collection of images, charts, visualisations, text and more.

By combining all these elements and animating them, informational videos can help convey complex data visually. They can also provide a unique perspective on otherwise dry information.

This can be very useful for engagingly communicating non-visual numerical information. A good infographic is simple, fun and has a really good design!

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An overlay is a motion graphic that’s added on top of video footage. They can help to tell the story or simply enhance the style and feel of the video. Examples of overlays in video production could be:

  • Lower Thirds, also known as name straps or identifiers
  • Light leaks that add a vintage stylistic look to footage
  • Shape Elements to add energy to other motion graphics
  • Animated icons and symbols
  • Call to action graphics

You can go more advanced with overlays too by ‘motion tracking’ them onto the footage. You can even make them look integrated into the scene, just like we did here for Intelligent Energy.

Overlays are a highly effective way to create a unified look across a video. You can create a visual brand and replicate it across future videos by staying on brand and using the right colours and fonts.

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Logo Animation

The key component in any visual branding is logo animation. Your logo is instantly recognisable to customers and prospects, and it only makes sense to have it stylishly incorporated into your video. This can be a done with either a simple motion graphic flourish or a more extravagant animation.

As well as increasing brand awareness,

Adding an animated logo to a corporate video increases brand awareness as you can use the animation again in future videos.

I see motion graphics as integral to every corporate video. There’s no excuse today to not include at least one of the motion graphics examples above in a video marketing campaign. They are a core component of every production I do as they’re a simple and effective way to add production value and increase viewer retention.

Have you used motion graphics in your videos? Let us know how you got on! Find us on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter and let us know your thoughts!

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