The Ultimate Video Production Checklist

This video production checklist is vital to ensuring a successful video production. It doesn’t matter if you plan on producing one video or one hundred!

To have a successful video production experience, the planning that you put into it makes all the difference. Your video should fit into your overall marketing strategy, which requires a fair bit of planning of its own. So the greater effort you put into pre-production, the more likely your video will be a success.

What is the Goal of your Video Marketing Campaign?

There are many reasons video projects don’t go to plan, and having ineffective video marketing goals is often the cause.

Every video needs a goal. But when setting video marketing goals, don’t think “What do I want?”, instead ask yourself, “What does my audience need?”. Once you think from your customer’s perspective, your video content will connect with them better than ever.

As a general rule, your audience will want one (or more) of four things:

  • To learn
  • To be inspired
  • To be informed
  • To be entertained

Once you find out which one (or combination) of these things they want, this will inform the rest of your video project and make for a much more customer-focused video. If you want to read more about how to set focused video marketing goals, check out our blog here!

Who is Your Target Audience?

A sound understanding of your target audience is the next essential part of the video production checklist.

Your target audience will directly impact the tone and content of the videos you produce. You may also need to adjust your messaging for different groups. A video targeting young adults in their 20s will not be successful if it uses the same style as a video targeting OAPs!

The better you know your target audience, the more effectively you can adjust your messages so they can be more appealing.

What is Your Message?

Regardless of what you are trying to accomplish with your video marketing campaign, it is vital that each video contains one clear message with a direct call to action.

Too many competing messages confuse your viewers and makes your content ineffective. If you have several messages you wish to transmit to your target audience, our Nottingham video production team has found that using multiple videos — each with one focused message — is significantly more effective at generating a good ROI.

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What Type of Video is Best Suited For Your Campaign?

There are several video options available for your corporate video campaign. Customer testimonials, case studies, brand videos and even animation can all be quite effective at reaching your target audience. Take the time to consider which style of video will provide the most effective way of delivering your message while appealing to your target audience.

How Will the Videos Be Distributed?

Distribution is all too frequently forgotten on a video production checklist. But this may be one of the most important things you consider during pre-production.

If nobody is able to find your video, it won’t do you any good — no matter how well-made it is. Be sure to plan for how your video will be distributed so that it is easy to find. For example, you can email an internal video to employees or promote a marketing video on social media so that your content reaches your target audience.

The better you plan for video distribution, the more effective your campaign will be. Our Essential Guide to YouTube might help you here!

What Are Your Deadlines?

Deadlines can have a huge impact on your project’s budget. So it is vitally important that all deadlines are clearly stated and that everyone is on board with them. Effectively communicating the deadlines associated with your project ensure that it is completed successfully and on-time. Failure to establish the “when” of your project could very easily cause your corporate video to go over budget or leave you with a less-than-stellar final product.

By adhering to the items on this video production checklist, you can ensure that your video is able to meet your marketing needs and generate a solid ROI. The more effort you put into planning, the more likely your video is to be a success.

Did you check everything off our checklist? If not, get in touch! Find us on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter and let us know your thoughts!

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