How To Write A Corporate Video Brief  

I’ve worked with many businesses on their video marketing, and the one thing that makes for a chaotic project is the lack of a clear brief.

To ensure your corporate video is a success, you need to plan your content and put your ideas down on paper. Then, you can be sure your production company knows what you are looking for. Shoving your camera in the face of your employees will not produce the quality footage you are hoping for! So don’t risk a total video fail by being woefully underprepared!

Here’s my easy-to-follow, 10-step guide to the proper way to write a corporate video brief.

Step 1 – Define Your Goals

You’ll never reach the finish line if you can’t see where it is.  In order for your corporate video to really work, you must first identify what it is you want it to do for you.  What is your video marketing strategy? Are you looking to generate more interest in a particular area of your business?  Generate more sales across the board?  Or perhaps just build you your brand awareness using the awesome power of social media and YouTube?  Whatever it is you need your video to do, you need to aim towards that goal from the outset.


Write a list of key objectives that your video production needs to focus on.  Some example objectives could be:

  • Increase Brand awareness
  • Drive sales online or in person
  • Drive traffic to your website
  • Increase your customer engagement
  • Educate your customers


Step 2 – Define Your Audience

Now you know what you are trying to say, you need to work out who exactly who you are trying to promote it to. This will depend a lot on the nature of your business, and the demographic of your customer base.

If you are selling an established product, take a look at the type of people who historically buy from you.  If you are launching something completely new for your business, do you research to establish which demographic you need to reach out to.  A one-size-fits-all approach will not work as well as targeted videos will.   Identify your audience, learn about their lifestyle choices and inspiration, and tailor your video production to fit.


Step 3 – What’s your one key message?

Now you’ve identified your target audience, start thinking about what you want to tell them.  You want your video to be so powerful that it leaves a lasting impression. You want it to inspire you audience to buy into your business.  This response doesn’t happen by accident. You need to put some thought into what you want to say.  Your “core message” is a vital part of your video and should be carefully planned. Don’t wing it! Identify your core message from the start.

Also, consider is how your message will sound from the audiences point of view.   As lovely as your dulcet tones may be, simply rambling on about technical stuff, or waxing lyrical about irrelevant in-jokes, will not inspire your audience to buy from you.  Whether your end goal is to educate your audience, or inspire them to buy, you need to send out your message in a clear and engaging way.

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Step 4 – Find Your Own Voice

Just like you, your company has its own unique character. Add value to your video proposition by finding a way to reflect this in your footage.  No matter what your objectives are, your video should tell a story.

Make sure your corporate video brief is clear on the tone of voice that reflects your company’s values. If you already have brand guidelines, to include these. You want to ensure your production company fully appreciates your vision.

Getting the tone of your corporate video right is key to grabbing the attention of your audience as early as the first few frames.  It is also what lingers long after the film has finished. You want the overall style of your video to leave the audience with a real sense of who you are, what you are all about and what you can do for them.


Step 5 – Consider Where Your Video Will Be Seen

You may have just made the most perfect promotional video production every known, but if you are hiding it somewhere down the back of the internet, it becomes almost worthless to you.

A video designed to capture likes and shares on social media for example, works better when it is punchy and perfectly timed, whereas an educational website video or tutorial will woo the audience better when it takes its time and offer detailed explanations.

Also consider where you audience will watch it.  Are you thinking about fast moving, smart phone ready films that can be watched from anywhere?  Or does your audience need to interact with the video, which will require them being sat in front of a computer?  This too will effect the creative planning process and the content of your video.

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Step 6 – Consider Your Content

This step is a broad as it is wide.  You know your business best, and you know what you are trying to say about it.  The key thing here is to plan your content to within an inch of its life so you are fully prepared when you come to shoot. This is essential in putting together a corporate video brief.

Are you thinking of making a tutorial or “how to” video?  If so, your content will involve all the tools and equipment you need for your demonstration.  If you are planning a purely promotion video production, think about the best bits of your business to display.  This could be your premises, production line, your team, your boss, your products, examples of your work or even kind words from satisfied customers.

Think also about how you want to be seen on screen.  Will you be using actual members of your team, or are you considering hiring actors?  Some companies go a step further and use graphics or animations to sell their wares.  Whatever kind of content you are thinking of using, this is your moment to become the Hollywood director of your dreams, by planning it all in advance.


Step 7 – Work Within Your Budget

How much does a corporate video cost? Most small to medium businesses don’t have tons of cash in the kitty to pay for video marketing.  That said, it is a worthwhile investment in the long run, so finding some expenditure to dedicate to your video production is money well spent.  Whilst there is no ‘off the shelf’ cost, you WILL get value for money, so consider it an investment, not a spend.

Set out your stall in advance, and make sure your production company is well aware of your financial limitations.  After all, you are a successful business owner, and no one is going to over charge you, right? Well, in theory no, but be careful as production costs can mount up very quickly if you don’t keep tabs on them.  Make sure you have a definite figure in mind from the outset and be sure that your production company knows what they are working with before they start filming.


Step 8 – Set The Scene

Once you know what you are going to say, and how you are going to say it you simply need to find the perfect place to say it in.  This could be in a company meeting room,  at your desk or even out on location.  Wherever you are planning on filming, make sure the set is ready for you.

Keep you set as simple as possible, and make sure it is quiet and well lit.  Nothing spoils a promo video quicker than shadowy figures who can’t be seen in dingy lighting, or presenters being drowned out by the production line behind them.

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Step 9 – Deadlines

 Do you have a deadline in mind for your video?  Is it time specific, or being used in conjunction with a big event or product launch?  If so, make sure your production company is fully aware of this from the outset.

Specify your deadline at the very beginning of the process. Any production company worth its salt, will not miss a deadline (we haven’t and we’ve even been able to turn films around on the same day as filming on some occasions). Nothing is completely unachievable, but you will need to make sure that your deadline is very clearly laid out in your corporate video brief to ensure that it’s not a surprise, and never missed.

You deadline may also have a direct effect on the cost of your video production, especially if you suddenly need to bring your deadline forward or up the anti in terms of production values.  If this is the case, be sure to get agreement on any increased costs from all of the stakeholders before agreeing changes with your production company.


Step 10 – Action!

You should now be ready to roll.  Be sure that everyone who will be involved both behind and in front of the camera has seen a copy of your corporate video brief and script, and that you are all on board with the thinking process behind your masterpiece.

From a team of many to just the two of you, once you all have the same creative vision for your promotional video, you are 100% ready to get rolling.  Work in conjunction with your production company and enjoy every moment of this innovative marketing process.


A Clear Brief Leads To The Very Best Videos

With a clear and accurate brief in place, you are ready to have your production company set poised for action.  Working as a team, you can embark upon your first foray into the wonderful world of corporate video.  You may take to it like a duck to water, or you may need several goes before you’re ready. Either way, you will get there in the end.

A corporate video filmed using a carefully thought-out corporate video brief will stand you head and shoulders above the rest.   You will be seen as an authoritative source for good within your sector. Plus, your customers will consider you to be the best at what you do.

Once your video is out there, remember to regularly review how well it is doing.  Is it getting the like are shares you were hoping for, or have your sales figures gone through the roof?  If you find that it is not performing quite as well as you had hoped, reassess your brief. See where you can make changes ready for your next video.


Do you need help with your corporate video brief? Get in touch! Find us on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter and let us know your thoughts!

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