Boost your progress with my expanded Video Marketing Success Bundle!

I’ve curated an exclusive selection of our most popular templates, blueprints and toolkits that act as a real step-by-step guide to making better videos for your business.

These resources have been designed to accelerate your video marketing efforts, giving them a speed boost like never before!




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Swipe and Deploy Script Templates​

Forever cursed by the blank page? Banish the blinking cursor forever! With our Swipe and Deploy Script Templates, you’ll have the frameworks and techniques that allow your words to flow effortlessly, engaging viewers like never before.

£250 VALUE

filmmaking kit list for beginners

Overwhelmed by equipment choices? Should you use this mic or that camera? Let’s make it simple. The Beginners' Filmmaking Kit List shows you what kit you need (and don’t need!) so you don’t waste money on the wrong tools!


21 video editing hacks

Rather watch grass grow than edit a video? Let’s change that! Uncover tricks of the trade with 21 Video Editing Hacks. Slash your editing time and dazzle with cinematic flair.



Out of ideas for your video? We’ll show you how to spice things up! Dive into our 51 B Roll Ideas to effortlessly add interest to any video with dynamic and compelling visuals.


easy 3-point
lighting guide

Struggling with dark, dreary, and unevenly lit videos? You’re not alone. Light up your game with the (surprisingly) Easy 3-Point Lighting Guide, turning amateur footage into professional masterpieces.


the video profit formula

Worried that video marketing is going to cost you money rather than make it? Let's change that. The Video Profit Formula takes you step by step through how every frame of your video is optimised for sales. Elevate your video content from "just viewing" to "cha-ching!"

£129 VALUE

the animation booster pack

Want more production value in your videos without the faff? Elevate your videos with the Animation Booster Pack, chock full of our best high-converting drag & drop editing graphics to add professionalism to your videos in seconds.

£399 VALUE

the perfect youtube thumbnail

Frustrated with low click-through rates on your YouTube videos? Fix that first impression. Our The Perfect YouTube Thumbnail template will turn every scroll into a potential click and skyrocket your engagement.

£199 VALUE

release form template

Nervous about legalities and permissions? Safeguard your projects with the Release Form Template. Stay professional, stay protected, and focus on what you love - creating.


video caption guide

Struggling to find the time to repurpose your videos for social? Dive into our Video Caption Guide. Unlock the power to quickly repurpose your content so your message resonates wherever it lands.


filmmaking cheat sheets

Overwhelmed by the fiddly bits of cameras, mics, and lighting? Our Filmmaking Cheat Sheets unlock the simple techniques to fast-track your way from novice to proficient, frame by frame.


Boxset Media is a creative powerhouse! Their team brought our new branding to life with exceptional videos. From concept to delivery, their professionalism and technical excellence shone through. 

Liliana Teixeira


A joy to work with from start to finish. I couldn’t recommend them more!

Boxset Media produced a video that not only enhanced my reputation as an expert in my field but also generated much more business for me.

Carolyne Wahlen

Gap HR

The whole process from planning to the shoot to post-production was a breeze!

Boxset Media are creative professionals who are able to execute the customer vision into digital media content effectively.

Ilyas Munshi

EG Group

Frankly it's been the most pain-free experience of working with a contractor I've ever had!

Boxset were brilliant for us. They helped us put a structure together for the video initially and worked with us to get the script right.  

James Russell


He's professional, organised and an all round nice guy!

Nothing is a problem for him and the videos he creates are to an amazingly high standard. He is our go-to for all our video production.

Sarah Wollen

The Cake Decorating Company

Boxset Media are exceptional video marketers.

They understand how to create videos that not only look great but also attract customers. Boxset helped us accomplish that beautifully.

Pedro Campos

Catena Media

I’d definitely work with Mick again and highly recommend him.

Mick recently shot a short drama film for a client of mine and the end result was incredible! He captured the emotion of the script perfectly in every scene and the final edit looked a million dollars!

Paul Westwick

HSE Consultant

Nottingham Forest highly recommends Boxset Media.

From the initial project briefing session to delivery, the end product was exactly what we needed. We look forward to working with them again in the future.

Matt Smith

Nottingham Forest Community Trust

Working with Mick was a great experience from start to finish.

No edit was too much trouble and response times were always fast. Brilliant quality product, great value for money and a genuine pleasure to work with.

Matty Hogarth


I can't recommend him enough.  

Mick's technical knowledge was invaluable, as was his easy going but professional nature. His contributions to each and every project I've worked with him on has been out standing.

Kate Horlor

BBC Studios

The creativity they brought to the table was fantastic and nothing felt impossible. If you want good video content, speak to Boxset.

Emily Foster

Intelligent Energy

30 day no-hassle guarantee

We have a 30 day satisfaction guarantee.

If you get the starter kit and you’re not completely delighted, then you can get a refund no questions asked! You’ve got nothing to lose!


about mick

Join our community of business owners, entrepreneurs, and marketers to supercharge your video marketing efforts.

With members from all around the world, we’ve earned a reputation as one of the most trusted video marketing providers for small businesses.

Every week, I’ll share valuable insights gleaned from my 15+ years in the video production industry, helping to run your video marketing to run on autopilot.

You’ll find a variety of resources, including courses, templates, blueprints, and maybe even some nuggets of wisdom, all aimed at helping your business achieve tremendous success with video.

frequently asked questions

Yes, there’s plenty of value in the bundle if you’re…

  • an entrepreneur who hasn’t made a video yet and don’t know where to start
  • a business owner and want to improve the quality of your videos, 
  • part of a marketing department and use an internal or external team to create video content, 
  • a non-profit like a charity, educational institutions or public sector organisation.

However, if you’re a budding gaming YouTuber, looking to make music videos for your band or chasing the next viral trend, this bundle might not be the ideal match. It’s geared towards businesses and marketers who want to create long-term growth with evergreen video marketing strategies, rather than seeking a (non-existent) magic bullet!

No. While there’s a lot of videos and blogs online about video marketing, the ‘Video Marketing Success Bundle’ is a carefully curated set of resources designed specifically for small business owners, not YouTubers or professional filmmakers.

The bundle is tailored to be easy to follow for any business owner, plus they’re created by an actual human who’s a small business owner and award-winning filmmaker!

Absolutely not! The ‘Video Marketing Success Bundle’ is designed to be a ‘pick and mix’ of resources that you can use as and when you need them. 

You don’t have to use everything on day one; it’s there for you whenever you need to improve on a specific aspect of video marketing. Think of it as a toolkit – each element is there to help you get where you want to be faster with video when you need it.

Not at all! The Video Marketing Success Bundle is designed to cater to a broad range of skills, from beginners to more seasoned video creators. 

For the newbies, we’ve got the Beginners’ Filmmaking Kit List and Filmmaking Cheat Sheets to get you started. For those more advanced, the Video Profit Formula and Animation Booster Pack offer strategies to fine-tune your game. It’s a complete toolkit designed to grow as you grow!

The Gold Edition of the Video Marketing Success Bundle is discounted as a thank-you for requesting our free resource.

However, because it’s such a heavy discount, we can only keep it at this price for 24 hours. 

This is a limited-time offer to give your video marketing an immediate boost, so we recommend acting fast. Keep an eye on our emails for any future offers, but for now, this is your chance to grab it at a steal.

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