Would I lie to you? Building trust with video production

Any piece of marketing should always seem authentic. It’s not a question as to whether the information being communicated is truthful or not, of course it’s true! You wouldn’t fib to your customers would you? I should hope not!

You know that your company can deliver what you say it can deliver within your promotional material, you know that you work to the highest standards and that you are better than your competitors. You know all of this to be true, but what about your target audience? Do they know it to be true? Well, frankly no they don’t.

It is the job of video marketing to make them digest the facts as the truth. However, simple delivery of the specifics will not accomplish this.

What’s needed is for the production itself to project a feeling of authenticity. During production, certain attributes must be present to help make the film feels genuine. Of course, things like scripting and lighting will help, but the presence of a personality whose word the audience feels that they can trust, is vital.

When planning your corporate video production, you may think that using actors or voice over specialists to deliver your message would be best. Whilst this can be a good idea in some respects, any decent video production company would advise you to avoid it if you possibly can. To get your message across effectively, using company employees or even stakeholders is a much better method. Hearing from ‘real people’ who know the company inside out gives a feeling of reliability to what is being said. Plus, they are viewed not as people delivering dialogue for a fee, but rather people who work there, people who know what they are talking about. They are the real human faces behind the company. Choose representatives who have always had confidence in what the company represents. This way they will be dynamic when they talk, keeping the audience engaged whilst they speak.

Testimonials are invaluable due to the fact that people are more willing to accept an outsider’s opinion of your company, rather than your own

The feeling of authenticity that your corporate video production delivers can be heightened further by the use of testimonials within the piece. Testimonials are incredibly valuable. The audience are allowed to come face to face and hear directly from people who have used your company’s products and services and who are happy with the outcome. In fact, they are so delighted that they are willing go on record and sing the company’s praises! How cool is that? Testimonials are invaluable due to the fact that people are more willing to accept an outsider’s opinion of your company, rather than your own. The reason for this is because it is seen that you may be biased where a lay man would not be.

Adding a personal and human aspect to your video production is one of the best ways of injecting a feeling of authenticity into it. Whether through testimonials or statements from employees, they add a sincerity that a paid spokesperson could never do.

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