Why You Should Question Everything

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Haggling. Some people love it and some people hate it.

In fact, some people hate haggling so much they’d rather walk away from something that’s almost perfect than take just the smallest bit of time to negotiate. 

We put together hundreds of video production proposals every year. That’s a lot of video production proposals. Most proposals get approved with no questions asked. Some are rejected outright without so much as a “Thank you for your time” . But increasingly we’re seeing more rejections happen without ANY attempt at negotiation.

And this is the problem.

Proposals should always be seen as a first draft. The first step in the process of a supplier and a client. The first conversation, not the whole conversation. That means that there’s ALWAYS room for negotiation. Even if you think there isn’t (or if people say there isn’t) there is.

Now, I’m not saying that you need to drive a hard bargain and try and get 70% off the price. Nor am I saying that you should just automatically go back and ask for 10% just because you don’t want to pay the full price. 

What I am saying is question it.  Question everything.

Do you REALLY need drone filming? Are 5 days filming too many or can you do it in 4? If so, can the money be used elsewhere or can it be reduced in price? Is the stock footage budget required? Do we need captions for this video if it’s being used at an event?

Even if you agree with everything in the proposal and can’t wait to get started, asking a few questions back to the agency is a good idea. It shows them that you’re taking this process seriously and ensures complete trust and transparency from the very start.

It’s the clients that come back to us with questions that we love working with because it shows they care about the process and want to understand it more. 

We try to make this easy. Our proposals are not just cost documents. We create full project plans of how we will take the video production project forward. There might be script examples, mocked up visuals or concept ideas. Anything to help the client understand the process for A to B.

But we still welcome questions!

Any decent video production company will be happy to chat and look at tweaking their proposal to your requirements. Whether you need the budget coming in lower because of VAT reasons, you have a tighter deadline so need things speeding up a bit, just ask. 

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