The Done List

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I think I’ve discovered the opposite of a to-do list, and it’s pretty amazing!

Without a decent to-do list, I wouldn’t get anything done! And I love the satisfaction of finishing a project. Completing a video production project and sending it off to a client at 5 pm is a nice line to draw under the day. There’s always a sense of achievement and accomplishment to this. I love it.

But not all days are like this. In fact, most days end by just fizzling out when you. Maybe I’m midway through a project, or something has been delayed and that sense of accomplishment just isn’t there when the day finishes.

And it’s those days where we need something more than a to-do list.

We need a DONE LIST.

What is a Done List?

Now, I LOVE to-do lists. My calendar and inbox act as my to-do list, and I always start each day with a feeling that it’s going to be a good productive day. But a ‘Done List’ is kinda the opposite.

At the end of every week, I open up my ‘Done List’ and add to it what I’ve achieved during that week. It doesn’t matter how small it is. What I’ve done that week that I consider valuable or worthwhile, I’ll add to the list.

It might be a breakthrough in a video marketing project. A new concept I’ve started developing. Or just a key takeaway from a training session. And I do this every Friday without fail.

Sometimes there are a few things to add to the list, sometimes only one. But there’s always something to add. Some achievement that has made the week feel worthwhile and not just another week of work.

Every time I look at the list, I take time to reflect on what has come before too. That way I always end the week on a high as it gives me that long term, big-scale perspective that we lose when we’re focused on the next thing on our to-do list.

It’s such a simple and quick thing to do, and the payoff is huge. I use a Google Doc. Checking it and adding to it is part of my Friday routine. You could use a writing pad, a notes app or just add it to the back of your diary.

Try it today, and I guarantee you’ll get that Friday feeling!

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