4 Ways Explainer Videos Can Help Grow Your Business

Average visit duration is considered to be one of the major elements in Google’s algorithm when crawling websites – so the longer a visitor hangs around on your site, the higher you’ll be listed in Google. Makes sense really! But it’s not easy. What can your business do to keep your visitors engaged for longer on your website? Video is by far and away the best solution (ok, being a video production company we would say that!) which is why animated explainer videos have seen enormous growth in the past few years. Having a short, punchy, relevant and creative film on your website to grab viewers as soon as they land on your page is the best way to guarantee that they’ll hang around.

Animated explainer videos also contribute a lot to your current video marketing strategy and are proven to be an effective yet affordable method of growing your business by increasing conversion rate, boosting your sales and providing a better understanding of your product. Plus, they look neat too! And done properly, paying close attention to your brand, tone of voice and key messages, can be a hugely cost piece of corporate video marketing. Here are the top 4 reasons why you should utilise animated explainer videos as part of your corporate video marketing strategy. Here we go!

Online video increases your conversion rate

Video Rascals conducted a survey on this topic and the results showed that more than 85% of the visitors are most likely to make a purchase if your product is accompanied by an explainer video. This goes for businesses in all sectors covering all areas – local, national and international.  This is no doubt the reason crowd funding and affiliate marketing websites are so successful. Take a look through indiegogo or Kickstarter and you’ll notice that the majority of products (having high gravity rate), make use of explainer videos to increase visitor’s trust. Smart move entrepreneurs!

Explainer videos give a better understanding of your product

Text & images just isn’t as effective as explainer videos. No question about it. In fact too much can turn away potential business for good! Not only does video provide clearer understanding of a product or service, by naturally being able to actively show the subject matter better through motion, but it just makes the overall description of your product more interesting. We’ve produced a bunch of explainer videos for property auction business SDL Auctions,  which go into detail explaining the process of both buying and selling a property at auction. Buying a house in any form is not known to be a straightforward or ‘fun’ process! So by producing bright, on brand and punchy animated videos, we managed to explain the processes much quicker and much easier than would have otherwise been achieved in text alone.

According to the research conducted by Wharton Research Center, people can only remember 10% of what they read and hear. On the other hand, they can easily remember 50% of what they see. Plus, it’s a known fact that human brain process visuals 600,000 times faster than text. No wonder videos are considered to be the most effective form of marketing!

You’ll rank better in Google Search

Videos are counted among the best SEO (search engine optimisation) techniques for increasing the overall search rank of the page on Google. And with YouTube, Vimeo and Wistia making embedding videos as simple as pasting a line of text into your page, it’s easier than it’s ever been! We’ve produced loads of animated videos over the years for Impero Software, explaining their elaborate and multi-faceted software in easy-to-use terms and bright graphics. These videos have gotten amazing traction online through YouTube and their own website. But you don’t need to be a tech company to get your videos online!

Websites that rely on endless streams of text, a few (if any) images and no video don’t perform very well in the search engines. Plus it’ll increase you’re bounce rate (people leaving your site straight away) because if there’s one way to bore people on the internet it’s by long pages of text with no images or video to break it up with! For those who businesses who are implementing SEO techniques and getting little to no results, maybe it’s time to add an explainer video on your page and feel the change!

Video marketing increases your web traffic

Everyone has heard of the term “viral video”. This concept has been in existence since the dawn of YouTube and, whilst no one can guarantee a video will go viral, any amount of social sharing is a good thing! A viral video doesn’t have to be something crazy, irreverent and full of dancing/animals/dancing animals. If you produce a video that’s short, to the point and attractive to look at it’s much more likely to be shared on social media (Facebook shares, Twitter retweets etc). 36% of online consumers trust videos which results in more social sharing and interaction. And animated explainer videos stand out a great deal more than traditional talking heads videos on social media. Websites with the highest amount of regular traffic and social media following (places like Mashable, Buzzfeed, Huffington Post etc) have been exploiting this viral / social sharing video marketing concept for years. Time to give it a try maybe?

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