Corporate Video Ideas Any Business Can Use

Sometimes everything needs a bit of a shake up.

Maybe you’ve had the same corporate video on your website for several years now. Or perhaps yet ANOTHER year has gone by without you starting your YouTube channel? Or, even worse, you’re seeing your competitors video adverts in your Facebook feed instead of your own because you STILL haven’t gotten around to making them!

If this sounds like you, then it’s time to start developing some new corporate video ideas and take a fresh look at your video marketing content. Does it do everything you want it to? Perhaps you were hoping to have achieved more by now with video or maybe you’re overwhelmed by how much you think you need to do.

Here are a few things to help you get some clarity back to your video marketing strategy.


Develop new corporate video ideas

How long has it been since your corporate video has had a refresh? A year or two? Maybe more?

Use some down time to take an objective look at your corporate video from a messaging perspective and work up some new corporate video ideas while you’re at it..

  • Is the script still accurate and on message?
  • Do you still offer all the products or services mentioned in it?
  • Have the benefits to customers changed?
  • Is the target audience different?
  • Have important people featured in the video left the business?
  • Does the video look dated?

Watch your video through a few times and make a note on everything listed above. Then give your video production company a call and have a chat with them about what they can do to update the edit for you.

If they’re anything like us, they’ll keep all edits in an archive. That means any changes to content such as re-edits or updating on screen graphics shouldn’t be too tricky. 


Start a Facebook pixel video campaign

Pay per click (PPC) ads on any platform can be quite daunting to set up. But, they’re a hugely powerful marketing tool and shouldn’t be ignored. 

The Facebook pixel is piece of code that, when placed on your website, gathers data to track website use. It will track everything such as blog page views, enquiries, abandoned sales carts, email sign ups, sales etc. This data can then be used to build marketing audiences and send targeted ads through Facebook and Instagram.

A video advert using data from Facebook pixel is a simple way to get more eyes on your brand quickly, and you can easily set up a basic video re-targeting ad with a video you already have in matter of hours.

Start with something straightforward, like a campaign where anyone who’s visited your website in the past 30 days will see a specific video advert in their Instagram feed.  Then, when visitors to your website jump onto their favourite social network a day or two later, they will see a little reminder of you in their feed!

From there, you can always grow to create more targeted adverts with specific videos for each. For example, if someone landed on your ‘Checkout’ page, but didn’t make it to the ‘Thanks For Your Order’ page, you can create a campaign that shows a video ad to this specific audience. Perhaps with a voucher code to entice them back to your site! 


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Start a video blog

Only 1 in 10 businesses use YouTube to promote their business. Which, considering YouTube is the second biggest search engine after Google, is crazy. Maybe it’s time to get ahead of your competitors and put starting a vlog as your next corporate video idea?

A well executed video blog is all about providing value to your audience. Not promoting your products or services. You need to think about what insight can you provide to your potential customers that will inform, entertain and inspire them? You want your audience to go away after watching the video with a mindset that you are the experts in your field. So what content can you produce that will bring about this feeling?

But be careful, don’t just launch into it! Whilst uploading videos to YouTube is fairly easy, get a plan in place first. Find a manageable target (for example, releasing videos once a fortnight) and put a few hours aside to write and plan, then a few hours the following week to shoot, edit and upload.


Plan your corporate video ideas for the next 12 months

Every business has quiet days. I find it’s these quieter times that best lend themselves to brainstorming marketing ideas. So during these slower periods, start working up a list of corporate video ideas and projects you wish you had completed by now.

They could be video ads, product videos, a new promotional video, a fancy explainer animation, anything. Whatever it is, if you wished your business had already acted on it by now, make a note of it. I have an ongoing ‘to do list’ document where I add in ideas for the business as they strike me. It’s organised into different areas of the business a then split into different marketing pillars (such as social media, print marketing etc) 

If you don’t have something like like, then use a note taking app like Google Keep or Evernote to keep track of your ideas. Then, next time to get a quiet week, you can head straight to your list first thing in the morning and start making plans!


Does your corporate video strategy need a shake up?

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download your free copy of my video marketing roadmap

Discover the videos you need to build your brand effectively and easily in my easy-to-follow guide!

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