4 Ways Charities Can Use Video Marketing

As a charity, you want people to support you and feel as emotional invested in the cause as you are.  With this in mind, finding ways to reach out and touch their hearts is key to getting people to donate their hard earned money or time to help others less fortunate.

Video marketing is an incredibly useful tool for charities looking for impactful and hard-hitting ways to get their message across. Some of the worlds biggest charities regularly use video marketing as their first choice for new campaigns.

Here are 4 great ways that charities like yours can use video marketing to their advantage:

Appeal To The Emotions Of Your Audience

Seeing really is believing, especially when it comes to matters of the heart.  A carefully crafted charity video can tell the story of your benefactors like nothing else will, and help you to engage with supporters in the most effective way possible.  Not all charities need to show images of distressed or traumatized individuals to tug at the heart strings either.  A charity video that highlights successful campaigns or projects are just as emotive as sad stories are.

Offer Instant Access To An Ever Changing World

Many charities react to situations as and when they happen.  Planned campaigns can fall by the wayside if acts of terror take place or political regimes take a turn for the worse.  Video is instant and easy to amend or update as and when necessary.  Flyers, printed literature and even websites take time to rewrite and republish, whereas a charity video can be re-edited and posted in a very short period of time.

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Make Your Story Always Available

Even after your offices are closed, your online charity videos are still telling a story on your behalf.  Viewers can discover who you are and what your mission is at any time of the day or night.  Smart phones and tablets also make it incredibly easy for interested parties to find our more about you wherever they may be. Video marketing means that your charity can be attracting new support at anytime and from anywhere.

Stand Out From The Crowd

Charity fatigue is an actual thing these days as we all do out bit to help out worthy causes.  Many people will only commit to one or two charities that are close to their hearts, and you want yours to be a charity of choice.  Using video marketing to stand out from other charities is not cheating or somehow taking money from other causes, it is instead a way to ensure that those who want to help you are able to learn more about you before they commit.

Charities have long been pioneers of unusual ways to attract new donors and are always looking for a fresh approach to keep their donations flowing in. After all, without the help of your target audience, most charities would not be able to continue the much needed work.

For an ever growing number charities and social enterprises, video marketing is a key component in their ongoing success. While your are busy promoting the great work that you do, your videos are spreading the world about your hard work to anyone who wants to learn more.

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