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Dependable and lightning-fast video editing workflows matched with broadcast-quality colour grading facilities

We pride ourselves on our efficient, creative and technical video editing service. Our edit suites are packed with the latest Adobe 4K editing technology, animation software and sound & picture monitoring equipment so we can focus all our energy on producing the very best video production for you.

Our team has edited TV programmes, short films, corporate videos, event videos and much more, so we can guarantee that you’ll get the best possible service.

Motion graphics and animation are a big part of video editing. Our graphics department will create motion graphics including name straps and graphical flourishes in keeping with your brand identity as part of our video editing service. 

Music is a vital part of every video production we work on. As well as working with composers, our team has access to a catalogue of over 180,000 high quality tracks that are perfect for every type of video project. No cheesy corporate jingles or elevator music with us! All music we use is pre-cleared for use in online video worldwide forever by a global music licensing company too.

Our video editing service is efficient and simple. At the start of every project, we’ll share with you the exact date of when you will receive the first cut of your new video. When you do, you’ll get an email with a secure link to watch the edit online. From here, you can add feedback and comments directly onto the video. By clicking on the screen during playback and adding comments, your feedback will be sent directly to the edit suite ready for us to update your video!

We get things right first time pretty much all the time! Our clients rarely ask for more than one set of amendments during the video editing process. This is because we never send rough, unfinished edits to clients for review. We’ll only ever send you edits to review that are 100% complete. No unfinished colour grading, no rough sound, no watermarked audio. 

Once your project is signed off and complete, we can create English captions or foreign language subtitles for your video. We even work with qualified British Sign Language (BSL) interpreters to create signed versions for deaf or hard of hearing audiences.

Lightning fast

High spec edit suites, an efficient workflow and a talented edit team


Extensive library of contemporary music, sound effects, stock footage and graphics


Interactive review system allows feedback to be sent instantly to the edit suite for fast results

Subtitling & BSL

Captions, subtitles and BSL interpretation available on all video projects

What’s offered in our video editing service?

  • High spec edit suites
  • Efficient 4K video editing workflow
  • Stock footage library
  • Sound design and mixing
  • Colour grading
  • Extensive amends
  • Interactive review platform
  • Motion graphics 
  • 2D / 3D animation
  • Priority edits within 24 hours
  • Music licensing
  • English captions
  • Foreign subtitling
  • BSL interpretation
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why choose boxset media?

Boxset Media Ltd have edited videos for businesses, charities and other organisations since 2009. Whilst based in Nottingham, our edit team has worked on video productions from all corners of the globe. 

Our innovative and efficient workflow means that we can comfortably work with clients in places such as London, Dublin, Leicester, Edinburgh, Birmingham and and further afield without the need for travel! It really doesn’t matter what your budget is or where in the world you’re based, our video editing team will create a video to make you proud. 

Our video editors have years of professional production experience across all sectors and will ensure your video production sends the message to your audience.

If you want to find out more about what we can do for you, get in touch today! Drop us a line on 0845 680 7376 or fill in the form below!

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