Welcome To Motorpoint

Motorpoint wanted to help explain the car buying process for their customers, so they asked their design agency – The Dairy – to work with them on it.

The Dairy Agency looked at a few local video production companies to collaborate with and after a few conversations, they decided on us! Boxset Media have been lucky enough to continue working with The Diary on a huge range of video projects since then.

Boxset Media have years of experience working with on-screen talent from across the UK so we were able to cast some fantastic actors and presenters for this video. Plus our decades of experience in producing promotional videos, brand films (plus our nifty storeroom of car mounts for cameras!) meant this project was a joy from start to finish.

The video had a huge impact on customers and Motorpoint continues to be the nations leading used car retailer, housing the largest selection of used cars in the UK.