Progress With Purpose

Loughborough University embarked on a significant milestone, rebranding its School of Business and Economics to Loughborough Business School. Having partnered with Loughborough for over five years, we were of course the natural choice to document this pivotal moment.

We hopped on a Zoom with Loughborough’s team to understand their vision and objectives for capturing the event. This allowed us to form a comprehensive plan, ensuring every key moment and sentiment would be captured.

On the day of the shoot, we deployed a seasoned crew, comprised of camera operators, production professionals and drone pilots. We captured everything, from soaring wide-angled shots of the campus, candid moments of the attendees and insightful interviews with the university’s figureheads. These interviews all captured the university’s passion behind the rebranding and their new strategy – Progress With Purpose .

Post-production saw us creating a variety of content tailored for different platforms. There was a highlights video, encapsulating the day’s essence, snippets perfectly suited for social media engagement and a full-length video allowing viewers to immerse themselves in the day’s events.

Loughborough University’s feedback was overwhelmingly positive. They applauded the simplicity and efficiency of our process and were particularly impressed with the final output. This project with Loughborough is a testament to the close connection and unwavering trust they have in our video production capabilities.