The Technology of Benefits

When Zest, an employee benefits platform, decided it was time for a rebrand, they came knocking at our door.

They had a vision—bold, engaging, and downright exciting animations that would make everyone sit up and take notice. After a chat and a bit of brainstorming, we jumped right in and got cracking on ideas. We had our work cut out with at least 7 different edits to put together! Among these was a top-notch technology explainer video.

Collaborating with Zest’s marketing team, we whipped up a benefit-driven script that really hit home. We spotlighted the niggling issues that HR and payroll teams often wrestle with and showcased Zest as the go-to solution. Having access to Zest’s fresh, new brand elements was super useful, and we folded these into a modern design for the technology explainer video that’s as fun as it is effective.

Well, the Zest team couldn’t have been happier. They said, “Boxset Media is a creative powerhouse! Their team brought our new branding to life with exceptional videos. From concept to delivery, their professionalism and technical excellence shone through.” And guess what? Our videos played a smashing role in the launch of Zest’s new branding. It’s always great when a plan comes together, and we couldn’t be more chuffed to have helped Zest shine!