Precision Inhaler Testing

When Copley Scientific wanted to promote their latest inhaler testing machines, they needed a way to explain all the high-tech benefits without the video being as lifeless as a PowerPoint presentation! They got in touch after they’d seen some cool stuff we’ve made for other client before and were like, “Yep, that’s what we need!” So, we had a chat and got started pretty quickly!

We chatted over a bunch of different ideas and decided to create videos that had a mix of scientific motion graphics, animated text and cinematic footage to tell the story. This wasn’t just about showing off the machines though; the audience were highly technical so it was vital that so many key elements of the machines were captured and highlighted. We ended up making six different videos, including a couple in Chinese, so more people around the world could get a handle on what Copley Scientific is all about.

These videos turned out to be a crucial for Copley Scientific’s marketing strategy. They did more than just lay out the techy details of the inhaler testers; they also helped to strengthen Copley Scientific’s brand as a leader in healthcare innovation.