Pioneering Urban Planning

The project was a collaboration between Hexagon, with their innovative CityMapper-2 airborne sensor, and aerial survey company Bluesky.

The video showcased their groundbreaking work on a project with Nottingham City Council. By combining Hexagon’s sensor and Bluesky’s data products, Nottingham City Council could get an unprecedented level of clarity on the city’s spatial dynamics, helping their urban planners make faster and better decisions.

We’re no stranger to case study videos, and this one required our team to go deep into the subject matter. In the wrong hands, a project like this could easily end up as overly technical, complicated technobabble nonsense! But by having a clear focus on storytelling and precision in the edit suite, we created a compelling, benefit-led case study video that satisfied all parties with practically no amendments after the first edit.

We shot over a few days, capturing several interviews and supporting footage across different sites, extensive drone footage of Nottingham, even exploring the VIP area of Birmingham Airport (the bit where all the celebs fly in and out of!)

The final video has been showcased at events across the globe to highlight the innovation and collaboration of all involved.