Our New App

When Zest was gearing up for the relaunch of their app, they turned to us once again. We’d worked together on some cool projects before for their employee benefits platform, and they knew we could make a video that was as lively and colourful as their brand and really show off what’s new with their app.

We dived into the project with a detailed scripting and storyboarding phase. We presented mock-ups that leveraged Zest’s brand’s bright and engaging colour palette, meticulously embedded within carefully selected stock footage. This, combined with striking 3D animations of handsets, vividly demonstrated the app’s broad range of benefits and features.

The launch video became a cornerstone of Zest’s app relaunch campaign, contributing significantly to its success. Following the video’s debut, Zest experienced a substantial uplift in app downloads and engagement across both Android and Apple platforms.