So Much More

We went back to school! And we loved it!

Shot over the course of 2 days, we created 4 marketing videos for Nottingham High School. Each video focused on a different pupil at a different stage in their life at the school.

The promotional videos were part of Nottingham High School’s ‘So Much More’ campaign. We worked closely with The Dairy Agency on ensuring the design, concept and execution of the videos matched the accompanying print and digital marketing campaign.

We interviewed each student to get a real sense of what it was like for them at Nottingham High School. We then captured a broad range of cinematic and inspiring shots of them, both in and out of school. These were then stylishly edited together to show that students get ‘so much more’ than academic excellence out of life at Nottingham High School.

The videos were key in a social media marketing campaign, including specially edited versions for various platforms including Twitter Facebook and Instagram Stories.