Mortgage Broker Conference

At Boxset Media, we’ve had the pleasure of partnering with Stonebridge, one of the largest independent mortgage broker networks in the UK, for several years on numerous video projects. One standout collaboration involved creating a captivating conference video highlights reel for Stonebridge’s annual event, held at the contemporary East Midlands Conference Centre.

The goal was simple: create an engaging conference highlights video that would showcase the dynamic atmosphere of the event. Featuring industry speakers and expert panels, our team meticulously captured every exciting moment of the day, conducting interviews and gathering valuable testimonials from Stonebridge’s network members. The resulting conference video became a powerful catalyst for attracting new member firms, effectively communicating the benefits and opportunities available within Stonebridge’s network.

We understand the stress that can come with events for our clients, which is why we make the video process simple for our clients. From meticulous planning to expertly handling the technical aspects, we ensure that the video production process is stress-free and delivers exceptional results.

By capturing the genuine energy and excitement of the event, our conference video has resonated with both existing and potential network members, inspiring them to be a part of Stonebridge’s thriving community.

The Stonebridge conference video highlights stand as a testament to Boxset Media’s ability to create compelling videos that capture the essence of an event and transform it into a powerful marketing tool. We take pride in delivering conference highlights videos that engage audiences and elevate our clients’ brands. As we continue our partnership with Stonebridge and other industry leaders, we look forward to creating more captivating conference videos that leave a lasting impact.