Introducing the Game Zone

Philips Monitors, a longstanding client of ours, got in touch and wanted us to create a series of exciting videos showcasing their new project. This time, it was all about celebrating their latest collab with Bolton Wanderers – a cool new Game Zone at the stadium packed with next-level high-res screens and gaming setups to enhance the match-day experience for families and fans.

We set out to create a combination of vibrant drama films and interview-based pieces, celebrating the collaborative spirit between Philips Monitors and Bolton Wanderers to create a family-friendly Game Zone. We assembled a talented crew, including a director of photography and a director, alongside local actors to portray the excitement of families and fans. Even Bolton captain Ricardo Santos got involved in the action!

As these videos are most likely to be viewed on social media without sound, the focus was on making highly emotional and dialogue-free videos to captivate the audience so their impact could be felt.

The response to the videos has been incredible. They’ve not only increased awareness of the Game Zone but also highlighted Philips Monitors’ ongoing commitment to enhancing their customers’ experiences. The project exemplified our ability to produce content that strikes a chord with viewers, reinforcing the power of video in creating communal and engaging brand experiences.