Introducing Impero Education Pro

After producing their original animated video back in 2012, Impero Software had grown so much that they decided it was time for a rebrand!

As Boxset Media has been working with Impero Software since 2011, it was only natural they got in touch and asked us to create a shiny new animated video for the brand relaunch. We wrote, designed, illustrated and animated 4 brand new films for their website in just a few months as well as totally overhauling the branded of their previous 12 films we’d done for them! Plus creating unique versions for the American market!

This new Impero animated video followed their new stylish colourful brand to the letter and communicate the many facets of their flagship products.

We love working with brands like Impero, their corporate identity has a vibrancy and personality to it unlike some so we made sure was present in the animated video. Our graphics team worked up bespoke illustrations based on Impero’s brand style and the film fits beautifully in with their new look and feel.

Impero has developed a range of network management solutions that are used by education establishments and workplaces all over the globe. See the videos on their home page at www.imperosoftware.com