Ignition* began in 2008 as a programme to nurture young people’s interest in science, technology, engineering and maths through creativity. We were invited to document the spectacular 3 day celebration event in an educational promotional video that bought together students, creative practitioners and teachers throughout the East Midlands.

This 3 day event was a huge celebration of everything ignition had achieved to date. With talks, workshops and other creative events taking place, our cameras were capturing everything for their promotional video.

Our cameras captured the event from all angles, filming the guest speakers, breakout sessions of science experiments, workshops, vox pop interviews with creative practitioners – everything. Our producer and camera operator team came back with hours of footage for this short promotional video!

The edit told the story of the event plus the achievements of Ignition though a vibrant graphic style with music from the award winning producer Maya Jane Coles. Using a stylish and on-brand split screen visual device, we managed to showcase as much of the event as possible within the short time frame of the promotional video.