Igniting Innovation

The East Midlands Academic Health Science Network bring together the NHS, universities, industry, third sector, patients and social care to transform the health within East Midlands. To support the release of their Annual Impact Report, Boxset Media Ltd worked with The Dairy Creative Agency to produce a series of short, impactful video animations for use across social media channels.


The EMAHSN Annual Report provides an insight into some of the innovative healthcare projects that have transformed the health of the East Midlands in the recent 12 months.

To provide a dynamic snapshot of these achievements, we worked with The Dairy Creative Agency to produce short, impactful animations that can be shared across social media channels.

Using the bold colours incorporated in the report itself together with energetic icon animations, we produced over a dozen short animations for use online. The video production project was approached with social media delivery in mind, creating the videos in a square frame to take advantage of social media feed real estate, ensuring the films stand out on mobile devices. The narration by Managing Director Mike Hannay was also captioned to help with engagement.

The films were highly effective in raising awareness of the EMAHSN annual impact report, reaching a wider audience than the report itself and spreading the word on the innovations, key activities and achievements they have been a part of over the last 12 months.