Now For Chromebook

Impero Software is a global leader in classroom management software. Their feature-rich software works on a variety of platforms, supporting teachers and pupils. So we created this video to showcase the addition of Chromebook support to the platform.

But rather than just go for a traditional explainer video, we wanted to bring some of the real world into this video and properly showcase the portability of the Chromebook by showing the device in real settings across a school.

To do this, we created an innovative device where we secured a Chromebook to a custom camera rig. This meant that the Chromebook would stay fixed in a position from the camera lens wherever we filmed with it, resulting in seamless editing from one shot to the next! We then used special effects to ‘digitally remove’ the camera rig from each shot and superimpose animation and graphics onto the Chromebook screen!

The video has a huge impact on customer understanding of their software and Impero Software continues to be a leader in providing safe learning environments across the globe.