How To Upload Videos To YouTube

YouTube is the most popular video sharing website on the planet. It’s simple to upload both homemade videos and professionally produced content like promotional videos, video blogs and event videos. But there’s more to YouTube than just hitting upload.


The biggest mistake that people make when uploading to YouTube is forgetting to add a memorable title.

Treat your video title with as much care as you would a blog headline, email subject header or any other piece of clickable marketing. People will only click on the goods if they are interested in what you have to offer, so make it good! The title is the first thing viewers will see, and it needs to be engaging and interesting to encourage them to view your video.

Add A Decent Description

A well-written description, using just enough of the right keywords will help your video show up in a wealth of search results. But to make your description effective you need to be a bit savvy with it. Keep it conversational, not just a stream of disjointed keywords, and try to limit your keywords placement to the beginning of your description.

You have around 5000 characters to use in your description. But prioritise the first few sentences, as it’s these words that will appear before the ‘Show More’ link. You can always add a transcript of your video here too.

Add Tags

“Tags” are simple words and phrases that YouTube uses to help your video to reach its target audience. Choose the right tags, and your videos will be much more visible and show up alongside other similar videos in the YouTube search and ‘Up Next’ areas in the sidebar.

YouTube will give you suggested keywords as you type them in, but make sure they’re appropriate before you add them to your videos. Add in a combination of niche and generic tags. You can use both single words or short phrases as tags too, so you can be super specific in your targeting.

Anyone can just stick a video on Youtube, but when you’re uploading professional content, you want to make sure that your videos are instantly recognisable and effective from the word go. Adding a decent title, description and tags makes your video easy to find and the content obvious from the very start, giving you more views by people that matter.

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