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The 3 Videos Every Business Needs

If you’ve never made videos for your business before, you might be struggling to figure out where (or how) to start.

Most businesses want to get a promotional video made first. Something like a cinematic brand video that shows off your premises, gives an overview of what you do and gives a strong call to action to encourage people to get in touch.

This is a good place to start, but not ideal.

You want to focus on building awareness of your brand first. If video is a new part of your marketing strategy, whether you’re a new business or have been established for some time, then the last thing you want to do is start by broadcasting promotional material like a brand video, promotional video or explainer animation.

To make sure that prospects know you exist, the best way to get on their radar is to produce educational, informative and entertaining video content that helps them.

Then, when they’re next online searching for a solution to their problem, there’s a greater chance of your video will be there to answer their question.

Here are three types of videos that you can start making right now.

The ‘How-To’ Video

How many times have you typed ’How To’ into the Google search bar to get an answer to a problem?

I bet most of the time you’re led to a video to help you solve that problem. Well, that’s what your potential customers are doing right now and chances are they’re going to your competitor’s videos and not you!

A brilliant way to get your video in front of your prospects is to help them with a problem they need solving. Think about all the key functions of your business, all the services and processes that are involved in your business and how your customers are interested in them

Make a list and create short and simple ‘How To’ videos for YouTube, it’s excellent SEO and you’ll start to capture those prospects!



The ‘Frequently Asked Questions’ Video

In every business, there are those questions that you get asked on a weekly if not daily basis! Whether it’s in meetings, client emails or off the back of sales proposals, repeatedly answering the same question again and again can take up a lot of time!

So why not make a list of all of the most common questions you get asked by your customers and make a video answering each one.

These questions could be about anything – costs, location, the products you offer – there’ll always be something that your clients and customers want explained in a bit more detail, so keep a note of what they are.

Consider working these videos into other sales material, such as project proposals or even emails to clients. anything that helps your prospects move closer to making a purchasing decision.

The ‘Keyword’ Video

Creating FAQ and How-To videos will capture a majority of the search terms that people use to come across you online.

But there may be other terms that people use to find you that can be exploited with video. But how do you know what these are?

Head to an online keyword research tool such as Google Keyword Planner or Wordstream‘s free keyword tool and enter one or two words that most people use to find you online.

You’ll then get a whole host of ideas for other top search terms related to your keyword that you can use as starting points for your next video!


Don’t forget, YouTube is the number one place you should be hosting these videos. Make sure the title, description and tags are up to scratch to maximise the search engine optimisation (SEO) of your video content. Check out our 2 minute essential guide to YouTube here if you haven’t already.

Plus, these are evergreen video ideas – once you’ve done them, you won’t have to do them ever again! It’s a great investment and the best way to capture prospects and position your business as the go-to in your industry.

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