Stop Selling, Start Helping

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Let’s be honest – no one likes being sold to.

Whether it’s cold calls on the phone, spam emails or even the classic door to door salesman! No one likes sales except for salespeople!

So where does marketing fit into all this? Here’s a clue – there’s a reason it’s called video marketing and not video sales!

The term ‘sales’ refers to anything that leads to the selling of goods or services. Whereas ‘marketing’ is building awareness of your brand, products and services.

In short, you have to do marketing first before you even attempt sales.

But the problem is that too many businesses, especially those who haven’t made a video for their business before, start their video production journey with a sales mentality. They focus on creating promotional video content crammed full of information on features, benefits and blunt calls to action. But these videos are a big turn off for audiences, especially those who have never even heard of your brand before!

Instead, stop focusing on selling to your audience and instead, focus on helping them.

Here are three things you can do to break out of that sales mentality and start building awareness of your brand through video.

Step 1 – Approach with a generous mindset

If you’re near the start of your video marketing journey, you can’t make your first video a sales video.

If you’ve never had a video made for your business before, or perhaps you have but it didn’t really get any momentum, your audience doesn’t know who you are yet! So they certainly don’t want to be ‘sold at’ in a video!

Promotional videos that focus on benefits and features are fantastic marketing tools when done at the right time. But if you don’t have an audience yet, focus your attention on giving value instead of asking for money.

Help them. Support them. Get to know your audience and let them get to know you.  Start building awareness of your brand through serving your audience and not selling.

This is content marketing in its most simple form –  creating and sharing information online that drives interest, establishes expertise, promotes brand awareness and most importantly keeps your business top of mind with your audience.

Step 2 – Figure out the problems that need solving

In order to start helping your audience, you need to find out what they need help with.

And where do we all go when we need help with something? Google!

Right this second, your prospects are searching on Google for answers to their problems. They’re looking for an expert to help them.

You need to be that expert!

A simple set of ‘How To’ videos or ‘Frequently Asked Questions’ videos on YouTube are a great place to start. Ask your existing customers what their biggest pain points are and figure out why they came to you in the first place.

If you’re a startup and maybe don’t have a customer base yet, you can instead use a keyword research tool like Wordstream. Put in a few words related to your niche and you’ll be given a list of what similar things people are searching for. Then, make your first few videos about the biggest pain points.

Step 3 – Produce video content that helps solve those problems

Finally, it’s time to create some high-value video content to answer these questions and build your archive of top quality video content.

The focus here should absolutely be on the level of the value you bring, the professional quality of the video is a close second, but if your content isn’t of the highest standard, you won’t get that retention and growth you need.

Remember, these videos shouldn’t have any selling in them. They shouldn’t really be heavily branded, to be honest. Instead, make them informative and entertaining. This is where you show your brand has value and that you are the experts in your particular field.

If you want to be super-efficient, bulk up a lot of videos in one session and schedule to go out on YouTube over a set period of time. Then you can plan social media posts to go alongside them and work on your next batch as the first set are going out!

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