Plan Your Video Marketing Strategy in 3 Simple Steps

One summer, many many years ago before I started Boxset Media, I spent some time editing videos for a marketing agency. Long days spent in dark rooms while the sun shone outside. I felt like I was in school again!

I was brought in to edit a series of videos for one of their biggest clients. It was part of a huge event so there was a lot at stake and a lot of organisation behind the scenes.

Radial charts detailed the running order of the conference. The print marketing was painstakingly designed and checked. Every detail was planned to the Nth degree. It was incredible the amount of detail that went into everything.

Except, of course, video.

There was no strategy in place and the whole project was a total palava. I’d be editing videos with no clear guidance on the messaging and plans were chopped and changed constantly. By the end of it I was begging to be let out to play in the sunshine!

Creating a video marketing strategy is easy. Yet hardly anyone does it.

As with any form of marketing, whether it’s social media, email marketing, or even printing business cards, you need to have a strategy in place for video marketing to be effective.

Without a plan, you run the massive risk of throwing money into a non-trackable marketing campaign and you’ll be none the wiser as to how effective that well written email or smartly designed business card were.

This is even more important for entrepreneurs, small business owners, local businesses or sole traders – time and money are important and you want to be spending it wisely.

It’s essential that you develop a video marketing strategy. No matter how basic it is.

A video marketing strategy doesn’t have to be complicated. Far from it!

Whether you’re making a single piece of video marketing or beginning a regular video blog series, getting a system in place from the start makes video blogging a doddle.

Let’s get to it.

First, establish your goals for your video blog

Why are you starting a video blog series? Or if you’re making just a single piece of video marketing, what do you want it to achieve?

Ultimately, video blogging helps you to build relationships better than traditional blogging. But what do you, or your business, hope to achieve out of it specifically?

It could be anything. Do you want to make money? Build a subscriber base? Enhance your online reputation? Take some time on this, and remember to think broadly.

Each video should have it’s own goal

The goal of each video blog episode must fit in with overall strategy of your video blog. But they should be unique enough that every vlog is distinctive. Vlogs are for unique and interesting content, so keep it engaging and think of as many fresh ideas as you can. Here’s a few to get started.


Make a sale Make an enquiry Subscribe to a mailing list Download an ebook Sign up to a free video course Register for a pre sale Get in touch for advice Upgrade to a better service Start an online chat Make a booking Share the video on social media Take action before a deadline Promote your brand on social media Move away from competitor Subscribe to your YouTube channel Follow on Social Media Follow you on Twitter Like your Facebook page Donate to a cause·

Remember, we’re talking about the goal of the vlog here – not the content. If you’re having trouble, think of it like this:

If you’re a real estate agent, you could write a video blog episode about:

‘How to increase the resale value of your home with these simple decorating hacks’ 

A great idea for content, but not a goal. The goal for this video could be one of many things:

  • Make an enquiry for a house valuation
  • Subscribe to a mailing list for more home improvement tips
  • Download an ebook on ‘How To Increase The Value Of Your Home’
  • Sign up to a free video course on ‘Hacking your home: Double the value of your home today”

All of these goals help build relationships between the real estate company and the potential customer by providing valuable information in the form of a video blog series.

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Next, research your target audience

Everything that is a part of your video blog – right from the video scripts and the subject matter through to the editing and video thumbnails – should match your target audience.

Several factors go into crafting your target audience, and using avatars is a great way of doing this.

An avatar is a composite of characteristics that make up a detailed profile of your ideal customer

These traits include, but aren’t limited to:

  • Name
  • Age
  • Gender
  • Marital Status
  • Social background
  • Cultural interests
  • Values
  • Hobbies
  • Life goals
  • Employment history

Try to create a real human being. Give them a story, a background, a future. Once you start to think about your target audience in these terms (rather than simply ‘Professionals ages 25 to 50) you’ll be able to craft more specific and interesting video blog episodes.

Take a look at how your competitors target their audience. What language do they use? What do you think their customer avatar looks like? Feel free to start with some daft ideas too!

Finally, MAKE A SCHEDULE! (And try to stick to it!)

This is where you create your video blogging blueprint. This is the masterplan system that will drive your strategy. So we need an honest answer to one question.

How often will you post?

This is the big question and it needs a totally honest answer, folks.

Of course, the more often you post the better. Every week is the ideal target. BUT remember…

People (and Google) love consistency. Whether it’s weekly, bi-weekly or monthly, regular video blogging beats random posts every time.

My suggestion is that you give yourself a target of one vlog a month. See how that goes, then reassess and see if you can increase to two a month. The last thing you want to do is aim to start posting every week, get to week three and be burned out and lose momentum (and, more importantly, lose your audience).

The secret to frequent video blogging

One method that I’d highly recommend is to batch your video blog episodes. In other words, make a bunch of them in one go. Put some time aside to research, write, film and edit, then trickle them out over time.

This is such a simple technique anyone can do it. To make it even easier, I wrote a book on how to make a year’s worth of videos in 24 hours, so my advice is to check that out. It’s on Amazon, or you can get it for free here.

Now, you’re all set to start video blogging!

Now that you’ve put in the groundwork and constructed a rock-solid video blog strategy, you’re way ahead of the millions of entrepreneurs, video marketers, business owners and video bloggers that ignore this basic step.

Crafting a video blogging strategy is like writing a movie script. You have to put in the work early on to establish the plot, themes, characters, beats, and motivations before you write a single line of dialogue.

Video blogging is the same as making movies in Hollywood, only much simpler!

Get the strategy right before you even pick up a camera, and each video will be more effective as a result.

Even if you’ve already started video blogging, take a fresh look at your strategy and see where you can improve.

Take a look at our Video Marketing Strategy template here. Have a scan through it, add in your answers and send it back to us!

Send me your video blog strategy and I’ll even hold you accountable for each vlog you make! How about that? I might even give you some more help every now and then if you’re lucky. Let me know in the comments once you’ve done it and the Learn Video Marketing community will keep you accountable!

free video marketing swipe file!

Swipe these 297 video marketing concepts and never run out of video blog ideas again!

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