3 Things to Consider Before You Start Your Video Marketing Campaign

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Video production begins long before the camera starts to roll.

And if you want to have a successful outcome for your corporate video, the way you approach pre-production can be what makes or breaks your project. Here are three vital factors to consider as you start planning your video production strategy.

Step 1. Understand Key Messages

An essential part of any successful video production strategy is having a clear understanding of what your video’s key message will be.

This should be mapped out during pre-production, as your entire project will ultimately be based on the key message you choose during this phase of the video production process. Remember to keep the message simple and focused. That way, it’s easy for your target audience to understand, and provide a clear call to action to give your video a defined marketing purpose.

Occasionally, clients will come to us and want to cram in as many messages as they can into one film.

That’s not a good idea!

Overloading your film with too many messages can make your film difficult to understand and leave your audience confused.

Fear not though! Whether it’s a case of simplifying your messaging or splitting your project into a small number of films – we always find a way to effectively communicate your message!

Step 2. Understand Your Budget

Our Nottingham video production team prides itself on always providing clear budgets before a project begins. And we never throw in hidden charges too!

You’ll always get a detailed breakdown of each part of the production process and the associated costs in a simple to read PDF. We’ll even throw in clips of previous work and example scripts just so you’re 100% on our ideas.

This helps you know that you’re getting everything you need and understand all the services we provide. A sound understanding of your budget helps the video production process go smoothly and allows you to get the most from your investment.

Step 3. Understand How The Video Will Be Used

A crucial part of video production strategy is the need for a clear plan regarding how your video will be used and distributed once it is complete.

Is your video meant for internal employee communications? Or is it a testimonial video for marketing purposes? Depending on the type of video you produce, the way you distribute the finished product will vary. We’ll make sure to talk you through all the options well in advance so you’re guaranteed the best results.

The better you understand and plan these elements during the pre-production process, the more likely your video project is to be a success. When you invest the necessary time and effort into this phase of video production, you ensure that the rest of the project will go smoothly and accomplish your marketing goals.

Thankfully, Boxset Media have been producing award winning films for clients in Nottingham, Birmingham, London and worldwide for several years now. So we know a thing or two about video production strategy!

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