Reach the heart of your audience with a compelling drama video production

Our team have produced award-winning dramas and even had work shown at the Canne Film Festival, so we know what goes into a great drama video production. A creative script writing process together with extensive casting sessions and rehearsals are just a few of the production elements unique to drama video production. Solid attention to detail throughout the filming and editing process results in a broadcast-quality production like no other.

Drama does what no other video can. It allows you to tell the most human and relatable stories through characters, settings and stories can connect to your audience. Where corporate video talks to the head, drama aims for the heart of your audience. A compelling story that draws in your audience and stays with them long after they’ve finished watching is the sign of an excellent drama video production.

At the heart of every video is a powerful story that makes a connection to your audience. There’s no better way to do that than through a powerful and captivating drama.

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The great thing about a drama video production is that it doesn’t matter what sector you’re from, your audience is guaranteed to respond to a thought-provoking drama.

Even the most straightforward role play to illustrate common work scenarios can have a huge impact on your audience. Short films and more poignant productions are excellent in playing to the emotions of the audience, the ultimate way to tell a human story and subtly encourage your audience to take action.

Whether your audience is managers in the finance sector or production engineers in a warehouse, drama video production can make a connection to everyone and impact their lives.

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Based in Nottingham, Boxset Media Ltd have worked on drama video production projects across the country. Our filming has taken us to London, Derby, Nottingham, Leicester and Birmingham, so no matter where you are or what your budget is, we can work with you to produce a quality drama production.

Our team are experts in crafting relatable stories that connect with your audience. To find out how we can do that for us, get in touch today!