Plan Your Video Marketing Strategy in 3 Simple Steps

One summer, many many years ago before I started Boxset Media, I spent some time editing videos for a marketing agency. Long days spent in dark rooms while the sun shone outside. I felt like I was in school again! I was brought in to edit a series of videos for one of their biggest […]

Video Marketing Jargon Explained! A Simple Glossary

Confused by video marketing lingo? Still not sure on the difference between a script and a storyboard? What does PTC stand for? Or HD for that matter? Don’t worry, help is at hand! Making video marketing for your business can be daunting enough. So thinking you have to learn a bunch of new phrases at the […]

What Is Royalty Free Music?

There’s a lot of confusing terminology around the use of music in a corporate video production. Two of the most commonly heard (and commonly misunderstood) terms are ‘Copyright-Free Music’ and ‘Royalty-Free Music’. These terms tend to be used as ‘catch-all’ terms for any type of Production Music that’s licenced for video. However, they are both totally […]

Start Afresh: Developing New Corporate Video Ideas

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Sometimes everything needs a bit of a shake up. Maybe you’ve had the same corporate video on your website for several years now. Or perhaps yet ANOTHER year has gone by without you starting your YouTube channel? Or, even worse, you’re seeing your competitors video adverts in your Facebook feed instead of your own because […]

4 Ways Charities Can Use Video Marketing

charity video production

As a charity, you want people to support you and feel as emotional invested in the cause as you are.  With this in mind, finding ways to reach out and touch their hearts is key to getting people to donate their hard earned money or time to help others less fortunate. Video marketing is an […]

What Is A Video Embed Code?

social media video embed code

We provide lifetime video hosting for every corporate video project we create for our clients. This means you don’t have to worry about keeping master copies of your videos or dealing with the faff of uploading them to different sites when the project finishes. All you need, is a simple video embed code. What is […]