How To Edit Automatic YouTube Captions

Whilst YouTube’s auto-caption feature is great, it isn’t 100% accurate. But don’t worry, you can edit them yourself! It’s important to have accurate captions, as they make your content more accessible to a broader audience, improve your SEO, and add a professional touch to your videos. What are closed captions? Closed captions are a transcription […]

How To Shoot Better Videos With Your Phone

Whether you’re using an iPhone, an Android device or even an old iPad – mobile devices can produce amazing quality video footage. But if you want to make a professional-looking piece of video marketing by filming on an iPhone you can! But it’s not just a case of pointing and shooting! Here are a few […]

3 Simple Ways to Improve Your Webinars

How many times have you sat through a webinar so dreadful you thought, “If this were on TV, no one would be watching!” I know I have. That’s several hours on LinkedIn I’m never getting back.  Ugly slides. Tinny sound. A camera positioned so low you can see right up the presenter’s nose. Not the […]

3 Techniques to Repurpose Your Video Content

As a business owner or marketer, you want to get the most out of any marketing spend. Too often, I see businesses who have commissioned a video do nothing more than just upload it YouTube and hope for the best. As far as strategies go, it’s not the best! Here are 3 quick and easy […]

The 3 YouTube Videos Every Business Needs

If you’ve never made YouTube videos for your business before, you might be struggling to figure out where (or how) to start. Most businesses think putting a promotional video on YouTube is all you need to do. Something like a cinematic brand video that shows off your premises, gives an overview of what you do […]

From Audience to Advocates: The Power of Video Marketing

No one likes being on the receiving end of a sales pitch! Whether it’s cold calls on the phone, spam emails or even the classic door-to-door salesman! No one likes sales except for salespeople! So, where does marketing fit into all this? Here’s a clue – there’s a reason it’s called video marketing and not […]