How to Get More Value From Your Next Video Project

We all want to get the most value out of the cash we spend on marketing. Whether we’re doing A/B tests on a pay per click ad campaign or just want to make sure we get a healthy stream of leads from our new website, getting value from our marketing spend is essential to keep […]

The 3 Videos Every Business Needs

If you’ve never made videos for your business before, you might be struggling to figure out where (or how) to start. Most businesses want to get a promotional video made first. Something like a cinematic brand video that shows off your premises, gives an overview of what you do and gives a strong call to […]

Why You Should Stop Selling and Start Helping

No one likes being on the receiving end of a sales pitch! Whether it’s cold calls on the phone, spam emails or even the classic door-to-door salesman! No one likes sales except for salespeople! So, where does marketing fit into all this? Here’s a clue – there’s a reason it’s called video marketing and not […]

What Is Colour Grading?

Colour grading (sometimes referred to as colour correction) is the process in video production where the colour of video footage is enhanced through digital manipulation. These processes are typically used to create continuity between each shot in a video. But more increasingly, it can cover improving the aesthetics of an image, establishing stylized looks, and […]

Why You Should Question Everything

Haggling. Some people love it and some people hate it. In fact, some people hate haggling so much they’d rather walk away from something that’s almost perfect than take just the smallest bit of time to negotiate.  We put together hundreds of video production proposals every year. That’s a lot of video production proposals. Most […]

What Is Stock Footage?

Stock footage is a piece of video content used in a video project that was not originally created for that production. Stock footage can be anything – live-action scenes with actors, motion graphics sequences, archive news pieces, 3D animation – anything at all. And it’s not just corporate video productions that use it either. Feature […]