The Four Simple Stages To Video Marketing Success

Taking your first steps in creating video marketing for your business can be very daunting. Despite the ubiquitous nature of online video through social media and the fact that everyone has a video camera in their pocket, it’s still intimidating for first timers to get started on your very first video production project. Everyone has […]

How To Promote Your YouTube Channel And Get More Views

The more content you have on your YouTube channel, the easier it is to grow your brand and increase views and subscribers. Your audience will see you as a trusted authority and are more likely to recommend your videos to others, add comments and subscribe. But what more can you do to drive this engagement? […]

Optimise Your PC For Video Editing

Ever thought of trying your hand at video editing? Maybe you fancy having a go at cutting together a new corporate video for your business? Or perhaps your boss has asked you to do it and you have no choice but to type ‘video editing help’ into Google and see what comes up first! If […]

The First Meeting: How To Get The Most Out Of Your Video Production Company

Finding a new video production company isn’t as simple as typing ‘corporate video production’ into Google and seeing who pops up first! Well, you can do that, of course! But if you want to get the most out of your corporate video supplier, you’ll need to do a little bit more… If you have no […]

Plan Your Video Marketing Strategy in 3 Simple Steps

One summer, many many years ago before I started Boxset Media, I spent some time editing videos for a marketing agency. Long days spent in dark rooms while the sun shone outside. I felt like I was in school again! I was brought in to edit a series of videos for one of their biggest […]

Video Marketing Jargon Explained! A Simple Glossary

Confused by video marketing lingo? Still not sure on the difference between a script and a storyboard? What does PTC stand for? Or HD for that matter? Don’t worry, help is at hand! Making video marketing for your business can be daunting enough. So thinking you have to learn a bunch of new phrases at the […]