Boxset Media started in Nottingham way back in 2009. Since then, we’ve worked on thousands of video projects for a broad range of clients. We’re proud of this diversity, as it’s the best way to illustrate our vast expertise in all aspects of video production.

We take care of everything. We bring together experts in project management, script writing, casting, filmmaking, editing and animation to produce extraordinary films in a collaborative way.

Every project is unique, so we take pride in consistently developing fresh ideas and new approaches for every video we make. Our countless awards and nominations over the past decade must be proof that we’re doing something right!

Our focus is always on telling compelling and believable stories. This works only through the close collaboration and honest friendships we’ve built with our clients over the past decade.

But above all, we want to make the video production process simple and enjoyable for everyone involved. Our transparent, unpretentious and client-led approach makes this happen year after year. And we love it!


Clearly identifying your goals is our first job. It provides the foundation for every successful video project, allowing us to develop strong, powerful storytelling ideas that connect with your audience.


Scripts are written, storyboards are sketched and cameras capture hours of spectacular footage. We’re there for you throughout, so you can be involved as much or as little as you like at every step.


Everything comes together in the edit. Our skilled editors are also expert storytellers, combining editing, motion graphics, animation, sound design, captioning and more. Our online review system is super quick and easy too!


Each project is optimised for its final format. We can caption video for online use, build your YouTube channel or create social media edits for Instagram! Plus with lifetime footage backup and project archiving, we’re always here long after sign off.


mick walker professional video producer cameraman editor nottingham

Mick Walker

Mick is the Creative Director of Boxset Media and an award-winning business owner. Mick is a Professional Editor, Camera Operator, Animator and Director with over 10 years of professional experience working for a broadcast and corporate clients all over the globe.

rebecca lawson professional producer director nottingham

Rebecca Lawson

Rebecca is an RTS award-winning producer and director. Creating up to 80 films a year for organisations, Rebecca has extensive experience of managing the entire production process from concept development through to post-production and delivery.

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