What’s The Point of It All? Setting video production goals

FI-GoalsSetting goals is an important part of any business. Imagine getting into work every morning, not knowing what you need to achieve in the day. You’d just be coasting along, questioning whether you were actually working towards something, or whether anything constructive could come of what was being done. Maybe you do work like that, in which case you should probably stop reading this and sort your diary out!

Anyhow, what I’m trying to say is that when doing anything, we’re always working towards an end goal, even when planning a corporate video production.

Before production starts, you need to decide on what you want your film to achieve. You’ve already decided that a promotional video is a constructive way to bring business into the company. But what’s the end goal? More specifically, how would you wish your target audience to react on seeing the piece?

It’s essential that this goal must be conveyed to the video production company before anything else. Without it, they would have no idea on how to produce anything worthwhile. The best way to convey your ideas is by way of a brief. However, before doing this, give a lot of thought as to what it is you wish to accomplish with the video. Do you want…

…potential clients to pick up the phone?
…increased brand awareness
…people to have a clearer understanding of what you do?
Take your time and give considerable thought to this, as it’s from this decision the video production company will devise a plan of action and start scripting your film. For example, if you want your potential clients to get in touch with you the language used in the film needs to be welcoming and encourage communication from the audience. And it should include AT LEAST an email address (it’s remarkable how often people forget the all important call to action!).

Ultimately, the goal of any promotional video production is to highlight all that is positive about your company. But more is obtainable. The ability to control how your audience responds to the information is also an aspect that you can command. Use it and make sure that the aim of your production is met.