4 Reasons You Shouldn’t Ignore Video Pre-Production

Meeting to discuss pre production for a corporate video productionWhen you have a decent marketing strategy in place and a set of clear, distinct messages you wish to communicate in your corporate video, you may wonder why we don’t start filming right away. Just pull the camera out there and then and get cracking! But to get your video to turn out exactly the way you need, our Nottingham based video production team always goes through a very thorough video pre-production process long before the cameras start to roll. This is a process that simply cannot be ignored, as the work that goes into pre-production will ultimately impact the success of your entire project.

So what goes into this important part of making your video? Here’s a brief snapshot.


As part of our video pre-production process, we conduct our own research on your business, industry and target markets so we can make the best film possible. The better we understand what appeals to your target audience and how your company can meet their needs, the more effectively we can craft our messaging strategy for your video.

Over several years, we’ve made films for a wide range of industries, helping us become experts in understanding which methods and messages work best for different audience segments. And research has always been key to that success. Our producer is BBC trained and has year’s of expertise producing films for everybody from law firms and the water industry, through to psychologists and plastic manufacturers! So rest assured that we can adapt to your business!

Whether we’re researching the recruitment process of a high street bank, recognizing the safety procedures in the rail industry or understanding how sewers work – we’ll leave no stone unturned in our research about your business!

The additional research that we carry out before filming ensures that no matter what the unique needs of your project are, everything we produce will help you accomplish your marketing goals.


Once research has been completed, we turn to our professional script writers to create an engaging, concise and emotive script that will appeal to your target audience. The script covers everything that will be said in your video, from ideal interview answers to voiceover copy. It also provides direction to the action and flow of your video.

The script is one of the most important parts of the video pre-production process. A script that connects with your audience on an emotional level and effectively communicates your call to action will humanize your brand and help you attain the desired results.


A storyboard (or mood board) is another important part of the video pre-production process, as it helps you better comprehend what the finished film will look like. This allows our team to visually plan out each shot in advance so we already have a clear idea of how your film should look long before we start filming. Storyboarding is particularly helpful for animated films, but it can also help our team be better prepared and use time more effectively when shooting live-action film projects.


After the script and storyboards have been approved, it is time to schedule the filming. This can be a big balancing act, as there are many different parts of a film that need to be juggled! Booking filming locations is crucial to ensuring your project is completed on time, but you also can’t forget about the actors and crew, who also need to be booked well in advance. Handling scheduling concerns during pre-production also ensures that any additional needs for your corporate video — such as set design or makeup — will be ready when the filming day arrives.

The video pre-production process is significantly underrated, yet it is the most valuable part of the entire video marketing process. After all, if you get this part of your project wrong, the rest of your film will suffer. On the other hand, a successful pre-production will allow your video to stay on budget and accomplish your marketing goals — so it is well worth the investment. With our BBC-trained producer, you can be sure that your project will get the professional treatment it deserves, in pre-production and beyond.