Who’s Who in a Corporate Video Film Crew?

Getting the right film crew together is critical for a successful corporate video project. It doesn’t matter if you have the latest camera kit or the fanciest lenses, it’s the film crew that make or break a shoot. Each corporate video shoot has different requirements. Simpler projects may require just a camera operator and a […]

The 3 Goals That Work For Any Video Marketing Campaign

The script is the backbone of every video marketing project, so it’s vital that you’re clear on what the aim of your video is from the very start. It’s important not to try to cram too many messages into one video. Ideally, you want each video to have one clear message, along with a handful […]

5 Ways A Video Blog Can Benefit Any Business

If you’re looking to promote your services, show off your expertise or improve connection with your customers, there are few formats better than video blogging. Video blogging is an ideal format for marketing what your business does in a concise and digestible format. It also allows you to do this in a much more personal […]

Yep! We’re Corporate Video Production Company of the Year!

We’re chuffed to announce that Boxset Media Ltd have been presented with an award from Corporate Vision Magazine for the third year in a row! We took away the Corporate Video Production Company (East Midlands) award at the 2017 UK Corporate Excellence Awards! Now in its third year, CV Magazine’s prestigious 2017 UK Corporate Excellence […]

How To Build Relationships With Video Production

The business world is now completely reliant on the internet and social media. Where more traditional business networking, sales and marketing would happen in the real world, their digital equivalents of LinkedIn, Google Ads, Mailchimp are where it’s at. At times, this can make building relationships with customers and employees seem like a nearly insurmountable […]

What Happens on a Corporate Video Filming Day?

While on occasion our corporate videos may use stock footage, archive clips and others may even be entirely animated, the vast majority of our projects require us to get the camera, lighting and sound kit out for a few days of filming. And that’s probably what you want — a unique, high-quality video production that […]